Why is it that some people make it and others don’t

The action is what makes the difference.

Another factor might be that those action takers have a certain plan they follow.
A third aspect is a will to step out of one’s comfort zone. But that’s where the magic happens. When you leave your cozy comfort zone, your plan in hand and take massive action. That is when you will start to see results and when it begins to make fun, really fun. So much fun, that you will never stop. But before that, it’s really hard to start, to begin. And that is what separates winners from losers. You the winner will take massive action. You will leave the comfort zone. You will do your daily tasks whatever your surrounding tells you. You will keep on pressing even when there are no fast results. Then you know that you will be the laughing last. You are born as a winner.

So is it with our daily video.

It’s hard to begin, hard to find a topic to talk about, freaky weird to hear and see oneself on the screen. But nevermind. We are here to make money and do the things it takes to.

And we know, by the time we will get used to and sooner or later it will start to become fun.

And what about free talking? Take notes, write down what you want to say. Write a blog post and read that out aloud. That is what I’ll do. You then have three kinds of content: your post, your video and at last, you can extract an audio and publish that as a podcast.

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