What’s up with MyPayingAds? Ask your Sponsor first!

The last days it might have happened that the MyPayingAds server wasn’t reachable. Now everything should be ok again. Otherwise contact your sponsor first.

Some facts about MyPayingAds & MyPayingCryptoAds

MyPayingAds, started March 2015, has 238,000 active members and paid out around 2 Mio. USD since than.
MyPayingCryptoAds is today 59 days old and has already 38,554 members and paid nearly 1137 Bitcoins (BTC) which is estimated 1 Mio USD.
MyPayingCryptoAds is solely based on Cryptocurrency, today Bitcoin. Within 2017 another Cryptocurrency will be added.

What was/is going on with the MyPayingAds Server?

The server equipment of MyPayingAds had to be changed to keep up with the growth of the business and to harden it against server attacks. You know they had happened recently.

Switching server means new IPs.
Those new IPs to propagate through the world-wide-web’s DNS Server lasts max. 72 hours. That’s totally normal. So don’t get worried. Everything is in order with our servers and the our biz.

Why are my MyPayingAds withdrawals pending?

The same with our payments. While the attacks and the server improvement the admin team’s main focus was the security of the server and the business. Therefore the withdrawals are pending longer than usual. Again don’t worry.
Keep calm and don’t write support tickets, cause that will bind resources within the billing department that are used to process your pending withdrawals. So wait, everything will be perfect within the next days.

As every time ask you sponsor first, then maybe consult the FB group. To send a support ticket should always be the last way.

Here’s the latest MyPayingAds Hangout from today


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