USITECH Breaking News TechCoin Release in March

Customers and Business Partners,

We promised you some exciting news in about TechCoin in our previous communication so here it is……

After months of gruelling research, development, and preparation, we are anticipating the public token sale to happen on the 1st of March, at 12:00 GMT. TechCoin is set to release a total of 500 million tokens during the public sale, priced at €0.50 each.

The project development team has equipped our brand new TechCoin website ( to accommodate the traffic from the expected number of token buyers. The public sale will be open until the token supplies last.

Our Whitepaper v2.0 is now ready and can be viewed here:

The v2.0 whitepaper includes a roadmap of the planned milestones in the implementation of the TechCoin Ecosystem.

You can be seen from the roadmap we are now only a short time away from our TECHCoin Wallet launch. Our multicurrency wallet stores both private and public keys and will interact with various other blockchains. The wallet will be available as a web application, a mobile app (supporting both Android and iOS) and a Windows desktop app, which will make it accessible from almost any device.

Our wallet will bring with it the eagerly anticipated Multicurrency Debit Card supporting both Cryptocurrencies and Fiat currencies.

Some features of our new Debit Card

Secured cashless payment for everyone
Worldwide acceptance
No card issue charges or annual fees
No transactional fees
Real-time transaction processing available 24/7
Multicurrency support
No minimum maintainable balance
Reward point system

The TechCoin project is built as a unified blockchain platform with a high-functioning ecosystem for all your crypto and fiat currency needs. Designed with the goal of becoming a one-stop solution for all financial services, it is a stable and secure system where people can trade and invest cryptocurrencies, find the ideal payment solutions for their online transactions, and manage all remote activities that involve money.

What sets TechCoin apart from any other existing blockchain platforms is that it is based on a unique and advanced algorithm called Quantumnode, which makes it scalable, quick, and secure. It also features several blockchain functions in one place – such as a digital wallet, an exchange platform, a payment solution, and a booming marketplace. These operative components make TechCoin one of the most revolutionizing blockchain systems to ever exist. Truly, TechCoin is shaping the future of cryptocurrency.

Now that TechCoin is only days away from its public token sale, the team of experts behind it is currently participating in various worldwide blockchain conferences to introduce the project actively to the blockchain community across the globe. At this stage, all the groundwork needed for the public token sale has already been laid out, making sure that the sale will go smoothly and hassle-free for everyone.

For more information about TechCoin and the upcoming public token sale, the team has launched their website live today. Visit them over at or contact them via e-mail at

I am sure your will agree this is a very exciting milestone for TECHCoin whilst we work toward TECHCoin trading on our live exchange and TECHCoin becoming listed on the first of the public exchanges.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours faithfully,

Horst Jicha

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