Usi-Tech – Team build – why should I join with you?

USI-Tech Team Build –
Why should I join with you and not directly with your team leader and mentor?

When new in business and somewhat inexperienced you might think, it would be better to join directly with the leaders instead with the person you were invited to the opportunity first. 

You might guess that there would be a better support and better information for your own business and team build.

But those thoughts will be wrong.  I tell you, you will subscribe with your sponsor, not their team leader.

  1. If you were I you would too like to build your team not your sponsors/mentors
  2. Do what and how you want your referrals to do
  3. Every information is distributed in our Facebook group. So all members are informed equally regardless who’s their sponsor.
  4. The mentor and team leader has so many direct referrals that he can’t support them one-o-one. But the person that you invited can.

There might be other reasons …

What do you think? Please comment!

So if you are interested in Multiplying Bitcoins w/ USI-Tech and Joining Our Team contact with the person who sent you here.

If you don’t have a sponsor, please click here now …

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