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Today I am going to talk about some thoughts about publishing videos I found by my fellow marketer Shawn Powell.

My name is Olaf Weiland. I am an internet marketer from Germany.

Shaw was writing about the challenge doing a Facebook Live.
Everyone is telling you, you must do Facebook videos.

Shawn has never done one. And that’s ok. Therefore he consistently does one or more YouTube videos every day. So he has made himself a name with Power Lead System. But that’s not all. Because of the popularity and distribution of his channel, he reaches a broad audience even when he publishes videos on another topic. So he had been able to skyrocket his USI Tech business within two weeks to become highly profitable, while I am other people not doing what he does are still not doing well.

Shaw says it’s no problem if you don’t like to talk live in front of a camera. It’s ok when you record the video first and load it up. It doesn’t matter where and when you do your video. It does not matter whether you show your computer screen, your car or your face.

What matters is, what you talk about. Shawn recommends telling the people what you feel and think. And do that in the most comfortable way. “Just get out there however you like and upload later.”

Then load up the ready-made video to YouTube and Facebook. It makes a difference whether you just link a Youtube video to Facebook or whether you load it up to Facebook. Use both worlds.

Sean’s conclusion is: ” The message is by far more important

This is Olaf Weiland
Thank you for watching and have a fantastic day.

This video is DAY 7 of “Operation Crush the Next 30 Days”
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than if it was live or not.”

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