USI Tech -Latest News Feb-09-2018


Please note that if you have any issues relating to incorrect balances or other reported amounts including percentages being paid in your account that there are some technical issues currently being worked on.

🔧 Reporting errors will be seen in some accounts, but we are told that everyone should rest assured the Technical Team are working hard to sort out this programming problem and hope to get it fixed as soon as able. Bugs do pop up, but the bug slayers are in there slaying them.

Please remember this is our members group and we can’t offer USI support, as we have zero access or influence over your account.

If you have a specific support related account issue, please raise a USI Customer Support Ticket via your dashboard (Help Centre) and then log into the Support Portal (create a Support Account using your same USI email address. Currently there is no phone support.

Looking forward, we are expecting some more updates next week as indicated in the latest communication from Horst.

Withdrawals are currently taking around 10 working days (Mon-Fri). Some take longer and some less. They are most definitely happening, so please be patient if you have a pending withdrawal. We are told US and Canada withdrawals should start from next week.

The process of withdrawals has been slow because they are doing them all manually on the new system. There has been talk of going back to the old wallets but in any case they have security and our best interests at heart.

Outside USI you will see that Bitcoin is currently at sale prices but the rate is climbing. Don’t wait too long. 💹🛒

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