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USI Tech BTC Package Example

USI Tech USA and Canada Members:

Welcome back!

In case you did not notice, the “Place Order” function is now active in your back office.
This means that you can do three things:
1. Buy packs using your internal BTC wallet from earnings; and
2. Buy packs using your external BTC wallet; and
3. Buy tokens using your external BTC wallet.

USI Members outside USA & Canada

If you have been outside the USA and Canada, and you have made withdrawal requests, please note that USI has just reset all pending withdrawals. This means all pending withdrawals are cancelled, and the total amounts have been returned to our Available Balance.
Please recall that the company had a seven day backlog due to changing to a new payment processing wallet that is internal to them. Instead of catching up with many transactions, this reset gets them back on track and requires fewer transactions.
So they are doing a payment reset consolidation. This makes sense. Please if you had pending withdrawals, go now into your back office and make a fresh withdrawal request.

All USI Tech members and interested

Here is a reminder of how a BTC pack works.

In this example, 100 BTC packs were purchased on June 4, 2017. At that time, 100 BTC packs cost 2.24569 BTC. These 100 packs were active until 40% more BTC were earned than the original 2.24569 BTC. In this case, it took 155 days to earn 140%. On January 9, 2018, the packs expired. Over those 155 days, the 100 packs had earnings totaling 3.143966 BTC. This means that the 40% increase in BitCoin over 155 days was 0.898276 (3.143966-2.24569=0.898276). Do the math: 2.24569×40%= 0.898276.

Remember that each day, your “Available Balance” shows the day’s increase (in the range of 0.70% to 1.25%), and so the 140% (100% original, plus 40% increase) was paid in varying amounts over 155 days. There is nothing magical about 155 days, and different packs will vary in how long they take to reach expiration. It can be less than 140 days, or more than 140 days. Daily it can be any percentage from 0.70% to 1.25%. The key thing is that your initial amount of BTC increases 40%.

We hope this example helps you understand better how a BTC pack actually works.

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