USI Tech – I discontinue promoting USI Tech

Why I decided to discontinue promoting USI Tech

Ths is what one member of our team wrote and what I totally agree with:

“Dear All,
We have been pressing upline leaders for answers to numerous questions, and in turn, they have been pressing the owners for answers. Thus far, few answers and little transparency are coming back. This has been the situation for some weeks now. It is unsustainable for us.
The issues surrounding the closure in the USA and Canada continue to compound with no renewal of withdrawals and no clear answers regarding the legal status of USI in North America. The issues about growing delays in withdrawals elsewhere continue to expand.
The company’s response to date has been almost exclusively to blame greedy distributors and bad marketing, and it has not accepted any responsibility by corporate.
With the announcement of the TechCoin going public on March 1, a large number of additional issues arise. These include whether the final two bonuses will ever be paid given that sales of packs are stalled at 265 million, and how the company expects the coin to be sold at a decent market price, and to whom, given all of the negative publicity currently surrounding the company. Fresh questions arise daily.
We have no real answers to explain the decline of the transparency and prosperity of the company since September/October/November. Its inability to provide customer support and reasonable communications reflective of a company growing from 250,000 to 800,000 are beyond our comprehension.
We have loved our experience with USI-Tech and with the wonderful USI family, and we are hopeful that solutions can be found. We are however without any resources or information with which to promote the company further. We’ve done our best to serve our friends and team members. Enemies have sent scorn, lies and even death threats our way. That kind of thing cannot and never would defeat us. The challenges now, however, are largely internal to USI, and those are out of our control.
Thus, we will continue to support all of us and do our best to continue to provide you with information and updates. We cannot promote USI in the current circumstances. But please let us know how we can serve you while we all wait and hope for the best possible news and outcomes.
Best regards. ”

I don’t close down my videos and posts regarding USI Tech because I hope that there will come better times, but I don’t promote USI Tech actively any longer, til our answers and the situation of the company hasn’t been cleared totally.

Olaf Weiland

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