Traffic Hurricane – The Truth About

Traffic Hurricane – Why you should NOT pay for upgrades any longer

Traffic Hurricane – Why I feel SCAMmed

There has been a certain feeling with me and Traffic Hurricane since the upgrade to version 2.

Suddenly the earnings went down from approximately 2% per day to 0.6% per day and less.

The backoffice showed several errors that weren’t fixed up to today.

Tube and Cash Links weren’t there any more. Where have the customers gone, that where there before?

Support wasn’t reachable for days. And when answering saying nothing substantial.

For me the last impact was that I have to pay an additional admin fee in addition to my upgraded packs, not even to be able to withdraw how it were said but to earn with my packs.

For me as a starter within the business the situation is like this:

I’ll have to pay $29 per month and click 50 ads a day to be allowed to earn with my 10 ad packs around $90; left $61 per month.
Below the line I would only be able to withdraw around $460 from a payment of $500.

I won’t do that business any longer and find other traffic sources like viral mailer and manual traffic exchanges.

See what my mentor Frank Calabro has to say:





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