Traffic Hurricane – Problem with Drop-Down Menu

Traffic Hurricane Problem Drop-Down Menu

Traffic Hurricane V2 – Drop-Down Menu sometimes doesn’t work

The Dop-Down Menu from Traffic Hurricane V2 sometimes doesn’t open.
This has been reported by many users. To help those people I have figured out the links within the menu structure.

Traffic Hurricane Problem Drop-Down Menu

The problem for Traffic Hurricane support team is that there can’t be seen a system why the menu on same PCs doesn’t work.

On my Laptop (Win 10 64-Bit) everything works fine with IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Opera. On my Desktop (Win 10 32-Bit) it only works with Edge and Firefox, not with Chrome and Opera. OS and Browsers are all upgrade to the latest version.

Here are the links of Traffic Hurricane’s menu – Hope it’ll help you.  😆

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