How to start an online business with USI-Tech and Lead Lightning when you are broke

How to set up two income streams with usi-tech and lead lightning spending only $7 one-time

Today I am going to talk about what I call the “Broke People’s Success Plan.”  – I’ll show one way how to start an online business even if you are broke.

In the real world if you want to start a so-called brick and mortar business you’ll have to spend several thousand dollars to start. And after that, there are monthly costs also summing up to some hundred or thousand dollars depending on your specific business. You have to pay those fees if you make any money or not.

Not so in online business. If you can spend some money to buy traffic that’s fine and will propel your success. But you can start with almost nothing.

Let me show you a way I’ve proven to work:

Say you are going to earn money with Bitcoins. But you don’t have the money to buy any. That will become your primary business.

And you’ve heard that you should always build an email list first, before sending any traffic to the sales page of a company you promote as an affiliate marketer.

OK, this said, it is clear, the business model we choose is the affiliate marketing.

That means when we refer people to buy products from a company we’ll get paid a commission by that company. As we don’t have money, we need to join a business where there is no monthly fee or qualification to become an affiliate.

A Bitcoin company of that kind, for example, is USI Tech.

It pays 10% commissions in Bitcoin without any qualification needed.

So how can we build our email list without spending any or only a little money?

The chosen system must be scalable and should provide additional features like a landing page builder and email autoresponder when we have earned enough money to upgrade.

The PowerLeadSystem provides a 7 dollars entry offer, the so-called “Lead Lightning.” When you join LeadLightning, you’ll earn 6 dollars from every second LeadLightning customer you refer.

But the best for our system is the automatic email sequence that starts whenever a new prospect joins. The first emails promote the “Lead Lightning,” but then there follows a generic email sequence promoting your primary business, which is our USI-Tech Bitcoin business.

So you start with just $7 to build not only an email list but also two different streams of income.

Where do I get traffic to my landing page, should be your last question.

I have tried safe list, viral mailer, traffic exchanges and Facebook advertising groups.
The by far quickest way are FB advertising groups. But be careful, don’t spam them and read the group rules carefully whether advertising is allowed. Not all Facebook groups tolerate foreign offers. Facebook we ban you faster than you might guess. Prepare a second Facebook account for that case.

Do you have any questions, use the comment function or contact me on Facebook.

Links to the recommended programs you’ll find as always beneath this article.

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