Power Lead System – Your essential autoresponder

Power Lead System – Why you essentially need an autoresponder for list building

Power Lead System is not only a tool to build high responsive lead capture pages. With Power Lead System you can also create complete funnels with lead capture pages and sales pages. And with Power Lead System you can very easily share them with your team.

And last but not least Power Lead System has an autoresponder built in.

You’ll need that urgently. Why?

Most people don’t make a decision on the first contact. The only way to efficiently communicate with your almost 5,000 FB friends is to get them on a mailing list. Even if you were able to reach out and have a conversation with 20 of them a day it would still take you 250 days to get to them all, and that doesn’t account for 2nd or 3rd touches.

You may say: “I am amazed people have time for emails and capture pages. I guess because I probably talk to about 20 a day but usually the same ones as they duplicate my efforts”

With some experience you’ll see it this way:

A good example is that you have never shared your current opportunity with me. I may or may not be interested but that’s not the point. A mailing list is just a way of distributing your message same as facebook.

It takes me 20 minutes to write an email every day, hit send to 60,000 people, then work with the people who are taking action to duplicate. Nothing time consuming about that. I’ve usually done the email before 8 am, then spend a couple of hours following up and that’s it.

So you see an autoresponder is an essential tool for your ongoing business and you will have it.

And as said before Power Lead System has one of the best built in.

And the best you can test all features 7 days for free. Click here for your free test account of Power Lead System


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