Personal Branding – Essential to Online Success

Personal Branding is Essential to Online Success

Why Personal Branding is crucial for Online Marketer

I would like to talk to you a little bit about Personal Branding and how is actually Absolutely Essential to your Success Online.
First If people don’t know who you are. you might as well be on a deserted island.
You have to get people to know, like and trust you. And that does take time, but it’s well worth it.

Once there was a time where you could get away with an username and any image.

But not anymore. For example my very first username was ‘Hero007’.

Nowadays I use my real name as my username and a picture of me.

Unfortunately, at the sites where I’m using those old cryptic mere fancy usernames, I cannot change those usernames. And I assure, I wish I could

If you may own a program, a traffic exchange, a mailer or whatever, Personal Branding is a simple formula for you.

You need to promote you first not someone else.

Personal Branding by Building a List

And you do that by Building Your List.

If you are going to promote someone else’s program build your list while doing it.

And If you do own a program promote that and not more than that!

Next, you got to ensure your ads are not boring otherwise your Personal Branding will be negative.
Think of it this way, you are in competition with hundreds of thousands of other marketers who are after the same things you are.

In the case your ads doesn’t stick out, you don’t have a chance.

Personal Branding – How to for Online Marketer

The easiest method to brand yourself is to set your name and face out there in as many places has you can.

  • Place it on your splash/squeeze
  • banners,
  • text ads and
  • emails.
  • Get a blog and if you can
  • get your name for the domain name.
  • Set up a YouTube channel and show up personally in daily broadcasts.
  • Do weekly hangouts on YouTube or Facebook.
  • Don’t forget to rework your social media profiles to make them look professional.

And I can’t say it loud enough stand out with your own professionally looking picture and name.

In conclusion, I’m telling you to do all of this is essential to your business.

Finally, it doesn’t matter whether you are a program owner or an affiliate it comes all out to the same:

You should Brand Yourself First.

Another Essential is Building a List using a tool like Power Lead System (PLS)

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