Online Business – How to cope with hate and envy.

In Online business you will have to face haters and envy jerks – that’s the mere fact

This day one of my dearest colleagues, Renee Sullivan, ranted about some human vermin and jerks.

I am convinced the jerks and human vermin are just a minority but they are often the loudest.
That might be very discouraging especially if you are new in the biz.

I had moments where I was going to cancel because of them.

So I am glad that there are people like Renee, that show we are not alone with that problem and that show what the biz is in reality.
There is not always sunshine when doing an online business as most marketing gurus will make you believe.
There are a lot of obstacles and severe and dark hours before you will become a success.
And even then it goes, the more success we have the more envy we have to face.

Thanks, Renee for sharing your thoughts with us.

But what should and could be our answer to those people.

The best way to deal with them is to ignore them. That might be the hardest to do.
But you know the old saying:

“Don’t argue with idiots. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience”

That argument we will lose. Best is to show up with our deeds.

Let all the other people see, that we are open-minded and highly ethical marketers.
The best way to demonstrate that is by the information we provide for our people in form of videos, blog posts, and social media.

The people who are like-minded with us will see the difference and whom to follow for real value.

Because of that, it is exceptionally important that we surround us with like-minded people to support and lift each other if there should come one of such darker days.
like-minded people you’ll find i. e. in marketing orientated Fb groups.

Please… do comment with your thoughts or if you have experienced any of this yourself.

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