My Rev Share Biz – What to do first – Day 1

The RevShare Game plan – What do I need to do first? – Day 1

The video is about Traffic Monsoon but the training is suitable for every other Traffic Exchange aka Rev Share program – Source: Shawn Powell, Team mate

  1. Learn what your business does!
    • You have to know the big picture to sell the big picture
    • Webinar
      This will tell you what this is all about and it is great for you to send your downline to as well. (Ask you sponsor for schedule)
    • Watch and learn from these things and THEN ask for clarity!
    • You should do the same things for your downline as well.
  2. Connect with the Facebook groups
    • The official announcement group of the admin/owner
    • The groups of the big leaders i.e. Frank Calabro Jr
    • Reach out to YOUR SPONSOR
    • People don’t want a boss but they want to be managed, you know. So become a leader to them and show them how to become successful and what to do step by step.
      Help them if they ask you even if they are not in your downline.
      Help them and it will help you. KARMA folks!
  3. Do the Training
    • Use the training page here
    • Send your downline here as well
    • Save this page
    • Post on your timeline
      • Show and document your progress
    • Learn to use the tools
      • on your Laptop/PC
      • on your Smartphone/Tablet
    • Look into UDIMI inside step 2 for paid traffic if you are going to sponsor
      • It’s very good traffic
      • It’s part of your funnel
    • Look under the FILES in all Facebook groups(To quit your job as well in 6 month you might want to know as well what my mentor knows)
  4. Have a game plan
      (I would suggest go as big as you can from day one.
      Whatever that may be. Roll over 100% as long as you can.
      As much growth as possible.
      Then when you do start pulling,
      pull at 9% of whatever your ACTIVE AD PACK number is.)
      That’s it. That is the game plan. That simple.
      Get the people who you show this to do the same.
      Get them to go through the same steps above.
      Duplication is essential for your business.
  5. Attitude

    This is crucial folks!

Always Stay Positive, Stay Excited!

And hear this, I’ve never known anything truly life changing to take place without


I believe, that it will always take that to make a change in one’s life.

Do that here and your life will change positively! Period!

It’s not for the money it’s for FREEDOM!

The three revshare programs I highly recommend. Both are part of my funnels.


MyPayingCryptoAds (if you do as I do prefer Bitcoins)


Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program


Now it’s up to you! What do you think?

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