Learn How To Easily Maximize Your Results With Traffic Exchanges

Only Surf The Best Traffic Exchanges

use a ranking site to surf the best ones.


Check every Tuesday for new sites, when the new rankings are posted.

Remember you do not need to join all the recommended sites, only the top 5 to 10 sites in the beginning.

Use Multi Level Traffic Exchanges

These sites allow you to earn traffic from not only the people you refer, but from the referrals of your referrals many levels deep.

TrafficG (5 Levels – 10%-10%-10%-10%-10%)

Allows you to geographical and interest target your sites, which means you get a better response. Also if you surf just 5 sites a day you can win 3000 credits in the daily draw.

EasyHits4U (5 Levels – 10%-5%-3%-2%-1%)

Allows you to geographical target your sites. One of the biggest traffic exchanges with over 600,000 members.

WebmasterQuest (5 Levels – 10%-5%-2%-1%-1%)

Allows you to geographical and interest target your sites, which means you get a better response. You can also bid for the “Site of the Day” with your credits. You can also play games that you can win up to 1000 credits or 10,000 banner impressions. Allows you to bid on keywords in the search to get targeted visitors and also you get FREE visitors as well!

Click Voyager (5 Levels – 20%-10%-10%-10%-10%)

A great traffic exchange, that allows you to win credits with many surf games, including Higher-Lower, Hangman and more. Also every 50 sites you surf you win a free spin of the CV Slots machine, where you can win up to 2000 credits.
Also every Sunday, Monday and Thursday you get a chance to win a free upgrade.

Always Use A Splash Page

You can create free splash pages and squeeze pages with Create Splash Pages.

Ideally you should then link the splash page to a squeeze page, where you can capture the visitors email address and add them to your list before sending them to what you were advertising.

Build your Email List, use a Squeeze Page

Splash Page links to Squeeze Page – Build you Email List

If you need some information on creating your first list then a great resource is Build Your List With Ease. 
This is a free resource that takes you step-by-step to creating your list with a variety of different autoresponders. I recommend to upgrade, so did I.

Once you have your 1st list set up, then you can learn how to monetize it with the Auto-Responder Profit System.
This resource shows you how to add One Time Offers to your sales funnel and more.

Use Rotators & Trackers

Make sure to use site rotators and banner rotators where you are allowed. This allows you to then change your ads in the rotator site, and not have to log in to each exchange to change your ads by hand.

Trck.me allows you to split-test unlimited ads and banners to see what is performing best.

Surf Many Sites At Once

If you use a browser with multiple tabbed windows (eg. Firefox), then make use of it.

You can then open several traffic exchanges in different tabs and simply switch from tab to tab (Press CTRL & TAB) to surf the next site.

If you open sites with similar surf timer lengths, then you don’t have to wait for certain sites to finish.

Don’t surf several 6 second sites and a 15 second site. Using this technique you can earn credits a lot faster at multiple exchanges, than just surfing them one at a time.

If you do not want to keep pressing keys to swap tabs and just want it to automatically change when you click the surf icon, then you can use a free program such as Traffic Browser.
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Expand Your Reach With Viral Traffic Co-Ops

The best one I personally use and recommend is Explosive Traffic. You can add up to 3 sites for free, and also block your ads from being seen on certain sites if you so wish.

Only Surf When You Need To

A great free resource to use is TE Command Post, which allows you to instantly see how many credits, banner impressions and text impressions you have at your sites from the one site. Free members can monitor up to 10 sites, but you can upgrade to monitor more sites if you need to. If you notice a site is getting low, then you can simply click the login button and start surfing.

Recommended Resources

Downline Builders

TE Hoopla – Top ranked best performing exchanges for the week.
Rapid Downline – Top 10 best performing sites for the week.
Affiliate Funnel – Lists the top exchanges that are voted by users.

Trackers & Rotators

Trck.me – Allows you to track and rotate unlimited sites and banners.
Affiliate-Toolbox – Allows you to rotate sites, banners and thank you pages.
Page Swirl – Allows you to rotate 5 websites and 5 banners for free.




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