Day 33 of 100-Day-to-Riches – How to start with Traffic Hurricane with little money -Strategy

How to start with little money at Traffic Hurricane

Proven Strategy on How to start with little money at Traffic Hurricane

First said you should buy as many ad packs as you can afford.
Next put aside some weekly money to buy regularly ad packs every or every other week.
You’ll not have to spend the whole $50 out of pocket because your ad packs are earning back some money. Say i.e. 1,75%/day.
This is just an example. Earnings are not guaranteed and vary. They may even be zero.
But the time being (20th, Feb. 2017) each Traffic Hurricane ad pack pays back approximately 1,75%/day.
You’ll have to buy additional ad packs out of pocket until you can at least pay one ad pack from your weekly earnings.
That’ll be our first goal in this money gameplan.

An example:
Cost per ad pack, $50; earning 1,75%/day.
We start with only one ad pack.
So after one week you’ll have earned $6.13 and will have to spend additional $43.88 instead of the whole $50 an ad pack costs.
Now you have two ad packs earning $12,25 the next week.
That’ll mean to you spending $37.75 out of pocket for your next $50 ad pack. We’ll play that game until week 9 when we’ll have earned $55.13. From now on we can buy our future ad packs solely from our earnings.
As said above, there’s no guarantee that and how much we’ll earn, as it is an advertising company and we buy ads. That we most times will get an amount of money back as long as the company is prospering is just a very nice gimmick, that we’ll be using to leverage our business.

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