The Distance to Your Goals is Time + Action

Back in the days when I used to sit on the fence watching YouTube videos about online business and wondering if it was really real or not, I spent hours and I mean hours and days that turned into months.

But I am so happy that I met eventually the right people and started again with internet marketing following our proven plan.

A huge part of that is having all those fantastic people in our Facebook group. The most worthy part for every beginner is the fantastic training and the tested and shared funnels of my mentor Frank Calabro Jr. a real 7-figure earner who shares his experience with us for free. We are allowed to copy everything he shares with us.

That makes the business really a copy ‘n’ paste one.

When I first started I knew nothing about any of this.

I’d never even heard of all the different ways one can gain income from the internet. We, in our funnel have more than 7+ income sources.

It’s been quite a learning curve for me. Yes, you have to learn, and you have to watch our training video again and again and you have to take massive action everyday. I had to learn that there isn’t such thing as ‘passive’ income. Even on the internet, you have to work and to take massive action to harvest. But the potential gain is much bigger than with any brick and mortar business.

And eventually you’ll see a huge light coming towards you and it’s the freedom you are looking for and that you deserve.

The distance between us and the light is measured in action and time.

Waking up to comment on videos and people trying to connect with you is a great feeling – it shows that your actions are working.

In the beginning, it may seem like a long road, but you can drastically change the direction of your life.

From my personal life to my business everything has changed for me as I continued to learn and grow.

Believe me, if I can do it anyone can.

Just remember, the distance between you and goal is time and action.

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