[EcoinPlus Official Group] Hello team. Here is the update from Ecoinplus

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From Bill Constain on Facebook

Hello team. Here is the update from Ecoinplus

I am optimistic. Looks like a very good update.
Please review and enjoy your weekend.

Over the past week we’ve been working hard behind the scenes, creating long term solutions to ensure a more proficient system for all ECoin Users.

We recognize what has been happening in the industry with other companies, and know the importance of keeping ECoin users protected. Therefore we have increased the technical and support team staff.

In addition to that, we have made several exciting improvements that include enhancing server performance so that as teams grow the additional wallets will be managed and synchronized with accuracy and fluidity.

We are finalizing many of the updates tonight through Sunday night and will keep you informed as we get closer to those goals.

We realize the challenge you’ve had with being updated consistently during many of the work behind the scenes. Now you can expect advance notice on the many exciting things coming.

Note that we will be updating all users tomorrow about what’s coming and about the updates.

Thank you in advance for your patience during our changes and updates,

Coin Focus Team
E Coin Plus

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