Day 38 – 100-Days-To-Riches-Challenge | Insight into an online marketers work day

An internet marketers work day

Today I just want to give you an insight into what my day work looks like.

I started today being overwhelmed by my to-do list.
I guess that every marketer and work from home dad has that feeling from time to time. That’s nothing bad. It’s just a sign that you have to slow down a bit. Internet marketing is not a race.

Especially if we are building a business from the scratch with less money. So I told me to calm down and started with writing an email series.

After that, I clicked for Website Impressions, did my daily Clicks at Traffic Hurricane and earned some extra money from clicking cash links and cash tubes.

After dinner, I spent the afternoon till now by sending emails with safe lists. Now my work day ends with doing my daily video and blog post and collecting my data.

And tomorrow most of that will begin anew.

What is your work day alike?

Please comment.

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