Breaking News: USI Tech is going to be back in the USA

USI Tech is going to be back in the USA!

Horst Jicha, COO and co-founder of USI Tech, announces that USA and Canada are back in the game.

Today I have great news for you.

Last night our UK leader John Smith hosted a webinar with USI Tech co-founder Horst Jicha, and the discussion covered all the pressing issues and concerns about the possible USI Tech exit from the US and Canadian markets.

The main complications, as pointed out by Horst, were with the way the marketing of USI Tech was communicated to the public.

Also, we learned that the legal team of USI Tech will be issuing a public statement which will be shared with all members, so I am looking forward to this.

Other topics included the future of USI Tech and the Tech coin.

Also some blogs had falsely claimed that USI has stopped mining Ethereum and this was also discussed and clarified for all those nay-sayers, so make sure you watch the full webinar and hear all the news directly from the source.

We also heard that the members from USA and Canada will see their BTC packs back in full force and there will be payouts so no members will lose money, this was emphasized throughout the webinar.

We learned that mining is, in fact, the main focus of USI Tech which is also great news in my opinion.

From my experience a company needs to be in the business for at least 2-3 years to make a decent return and profit on their mining expenses and USI tech has invested heavily into mining equipment and contracts, so that alone gives me more confidence about the long-term business plan and sustainability of the company.

Watch the webinar and make sure you keep up to date with all news.

I will keep posting important updates.

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