Bitcoin Multiplier Strategie – Why do we trust in USI-Tech?

USI Tech had sold the Forex software initially and exclusively to private banks and private investors for about ten years.

The Forex software trades automatically for you, and your money is very liquid (3-5 business days) in your broker account – that’s precisely what the banks are doing with your money. They take your money for free, buy the software, trade automatically with your money, and when you want your money back, it’ll last those 3-5 days till they’ll give it back to you.

With USI-Tech’s Forex software we can trade ourselves.

Most people don’t understand Bitcoin, but they might see the enormous potential and growth and want to participate.

With USI-Tech you can participate even with tiny sums from Bitcoin

All you need to start with USI-Tech and Bitcoin is a Bitcoin wallet.

Now is the best time to get involved with Bitcoin

With USI-Tech everybody makes money from the very first day on

You even make money when you are lazy, shy or just don’t want to sponsor people

When you buy a Bitcoin package today, tomorrow you’ll have a commission available in your balance as a return of capital.
You are always paid on the next working day, five days a week.

With those Bitcoin packages, we have a product with that everybody can make some money.

You define your income, depending on how many Bitcoin packages you own, how many active referrals you get – that may vary, but if you have Bitcoin packages, you will get something the next business day because that’s how the product works.

Even if you don’t know anything about Bitcoin mining you can earn from mining Bitcoin by buying those Bitcoin mining BTC-packages

Buying Bitcoin mining packages is only one way to build your business.

You can build your USI-Tech business like any other business by referring it to other people, but this time getting 10 to hundred times the results because when you promote and recruit and sell the opportunity, anybody can register for free

You can always withdraw your balance

Mike Hobbs, i.e. can withdraw $1,400 a day from only 236 leads
That said just to motivate you and show up what might be possible. I don’t claim that you’ll earn the same amount from money from your refs as it could be that those are too lazy and you even get nothing from them. My first 46 refs only bought one mere pack.

It’ s a real company with real known and touchable people. Yes, you can shake hands and talk with them on countless events.

Max. Withdraw Limit 2.5 Bitcoin per day. You can withdraw seven days a week and will get earnings five days a week (work days from Mo-Fr)

You can buy up to 100 Bitcoin packages per day for members of your downline.

Mike Hobbs’ favorite marketing methods: YouTube and Social Media; daily update videos about whats going on with his account

Mike’s tip: Buy some Bitcoin packages (20 to 100 to get started). When you get some earnings in, do a quick video update and say: “Hey man, I haven’t referred anybody in this company, I bought some packages and look how much I’ve already earned within a week or so.” – Everybody can do that because everybody will undoubtedly get some results.

Two recommendations:
1. If you won’t refer people, treat your business as a Bitcoin saving account and buy Bitcoin mining packages on a regular basis, i.e. one or two Bitcoin mining packages per month.
(Mike recommends 10% of your job’s income), use automatically compounding and let it grow. Don’t touch it!
2. If you decide you want to refer, there are a couple of things you can do, i.e. follow our team funnel, designed by Frank Calabro jr.

If you’re going to make money now, make up a budget and buy weekly Bitcoin packages from referral income and withdraw the rest as passive income or building your Forex account or other businesses you are in.

One last comment: USI-Tech launched before any other Bitcoin multiplier we have seen the previous months, and most of them have already gone, but USI-Tech still exists and prospers and is always strong.

USI-Tech will celebrate its first anniversary 28th of October 2017 in London.

Duplication is easy with solo ads, social media, YouTube and our team funnel.

There is those ripe global market. The people hearing about cryptocurrency and they are interested. So all we have to do is get the information in front of these people.

The last thing to mention, Bitcoin will rise for months to come.

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