4 Tips To Attracting People To Your Business

Tip #1 – Do Not Become the Company.

The most essential aspect to keep in mind about individuals that want to be a part of any type of company is they need to know who you are first; not the corporation.   They have to trust and believe in you first.  They have to fully grasp who you are before they choose whether they will be a part of you and your business.  Be certain that you’re being authentic and have excellent goals.  You need to stay on purpose; otherwise, everyone is going to see right through you.  Keep in mind YOU are the business; the company or online network you are advertising is not you.  Say… “I AM THE BUSINESS” continuously because there is no one else like you! Stay out of the masses.

Tip #2 – You Have to Be Of More Value to Your Prospects.

Individuals do not need more details. Individuals go where there is more “true” genuine value. They are looking for who can help them bring final results. What do you provide them? You need to become useful to them. Prove to them your results and demonstrate them how you can help them. Become more important in your industry. Whatever company you are in, endeavor to be crucial. VALUE = RESULTS

Tip #3 – Lead Authoritatively Yet Not Arrogantly.

People follow leaders. If you have reached a certain level of visibility in your business or company … don’t start acting arrogant. You want to show that you can lead authoritatively because people need to understand that not everybody can be a leader or knows how to be a leader. You, as a leader, have to help them, show them where to go, tell them what to do. A leader is one that encourages and inspires.

Tip #4 – Be YOU, Be Real – and HAVE FUN!

That is the most important point in your organization and being a business owner.  You have to be real, you have to be you.  And, if you’re not having fun then there is no intent for what you’re doing.  There’s just no factor to it.

So, get out there!!

Be efficient, powerful, more important in your market, lead with vitality, be the unique you, and have fun!!  =)


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